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Dhanshree Resort At a Galance

Nestled in the vicinity of the kaziranga national park… this wildlife resort is meant 2-spoil u silly!
Want 2 see the exotic land of the Rhino? Or may be take a leisurely walk? Or even just laze in d beautiful calm environment away from the humdrum of life??? Dhanshree Resort is so the place for u...

Why??? I mean why this particular Resort???

Dhanshree Resort has come to be a top-notch Hospitality brand, which can boast of providing the finest facility and service, which its guests both deserve and except. The resort has always dedicated itself in providing its guests with an effortless and relaxing vacation at all times, which is why it is considered as one of the best in the vacation ownership and hospitality industry.
Its working itself are an example of its tagline… “Nothing restores low spirits and a weary body like an uplifting environment. Dhanshree is that place. Largely organic diet, clean air and water….. Dhanshree lets you tap into power.”  

The resort has been aggressively endorsing resort to its guests with the hopes that tourists would drop by, visit, relax, enjoy and educate themselves in order to be more familiar with kaziranga.
The resort is a top-notch hospitality brand that encourages guests to check the restorations and enhancement made to its destinations such as the resort. Dhanshree resort will continually give its guests a genuine style of elegance that guests deserve and expects.
The resort has always dedicated itself in providing its guests with effortless and relaxing vacation experiences at all times which is why it is considered as one of the leader in the vacation ownership and hospitality industry.
Dhanshree resort’s owner and manager says “ this achievement is a testament to the dedicated staff at our resort and to the excellent treatment of our guests by the employees of Dhanshree. It should also remind us of the importance of preserving Dhanshree’s pristine environment which, along with our hospitable people are our resort’s greatest tresures.”
Dhanshree resort offers visitors a balance of outdoor adventure and relaxation. The resort is specifically ideal for healthy retreats, weddings and honeymoons, adventure gateway. It is located near the world famous Heritage Site Kaziranga National Park, the exotic, beautiful land of the Rhinos.
As much it is for a first time visitor to Dhanshree, every visit to Dhanshree offers more to explore in the never-ending treasures of the Land of wildlife, sounds, culture that is really fascinating and an unique experience.
One of the best ways to enjoy Kaziranga, is to make reservation at Dhanshree resort as they are neatly furnished and offer clean and comfortable accommodation.
so why you are waiting for…….

Kaziranga National Park
with a comfortable stay…
We give you the best coz you so deserve the best.…

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